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2015-04-02 22:54:46 by orangebomb

I have a whole bunch of opinions and ramblings that are worth talking about, but I couldn't stretch any of them out into a full post, so I decided to put them into realitively small chunks of info. They are totally random, but I'll try to segue some of them if possible, so without further adieu, let's begin.

1. I don't know if I had an addiction of re-watching anime that is realitively mediocre, but all of the sudden I re-watched Infinite Stratos again, and it wasn't much different from the first time {though the Iron Man/UFC-esque battle scenes started to grow on me} in terms of entertainment or quality-wise. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there might be a possiblity that Ichika is actually gay, but he can't seem to come out of the closet because of all the women that are literately offering themselves to him, and I don't think that they aren't going to take too kindly to the fact that the only male in IS academy is playing for the other team, so to speak. Just to get this out of the way, this is nothing more than a gut feeling purely on my part and nothing more, I don't know what the light novels say or what the creator is thinking, so it's possible that I could be completely wrong here, but from what I see in Ichika, the total deer in the headlights look towards women, and his constantly feigning ignorance and stupidity could mean that he is gay, but just can't come out with it, or has trouble figuring out who he really is, a la Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4.

2. While on topic of gays, the state of Indiana has enacted the Religious Freedom law, which officially gives businesses the right to deny services to LGBT couples based on religious grounds. Personally, this law is dumb on so many levels, but not for the reason most people will assume. The problem lies in not the religious aspect in the law nor does it has to do with the LGBT community, but the economic standpoint of it all. There are plenty of organizations, corporations and even politicians who are either protesting or at the very least are concerned on how they will be viewed when they do business in Indiana because of this law, and you got to figure that there are quite a few gay people working for them who feel like they are possibly persucuted because of this law, and in turn, will pretty much won't even bother to spend money in the state, which could mean that they lose out on some much needed outside money. Conventions like Gen Con have stated that they won't be holding their event in Indy this year, and you better believe that sports leagues like the NCAA, NFL and many others will be having second thoughts about sending their marquee events to Indianapolis in the near future, and I don't think that they wan't to be known as the state that still discriminates against the LGBT community in this day and age. Morality aside, this is a potential disaster in the making for Indiana if they don't try to remove this bill or at least heavily modify it, because while the moral argument might be enough of a justification in many people's eyes, in the end money talks, and once it starts to walk out of Indiana's borders, they will be singing a different tune.

3. While we're in Indiana, {specifically Indianapolis} I do believe that the Kentucky Wildcats will go undefeated and win the national title, and everyone who isn't a fan of Duke, Wisconsin, Michigan State or Louisville should root for them to do so. If nothing else, root for them because you are going to see history in the making, because there isn't that many times that a team can run the table all the way that isn't in college football and subsequently win it all. Plus, that's really the reason why people watch college basketball beyond the first 2 days of March Madness, to see the best teams compete, Cinderella teams are fun and all, but there is no way in hell anyone would consider them to be the best team when they can only metaphorically sucker punch teams to win, and that only works once {George Mason and VCU, we're looking at you} in a decade or so.

4. Am I the only person in the world that those Guy Fawkes masks that people wear {poularized by the movie V for Vendetta} as a sign of rebellion against authority from governments and corporations are bought and sold by Time Warner, one of the largest corporations in America? I know in England, they use a Guy Fawkes mask as an effigy for a long time, but I guess once the movie came out over there, it suddenly got a new use now other than kindling. Oh FYI, Guy Fawkes was a revolutionary who wanted to make England a Catholic state instead of a Protestent state back in the early 1600's. If you're going to stick it to the man, try not to support the man while sticking it to the man lest you come off as a hypocrite or simply 2edgy4u.

5. So the new Fast and Furious movie is coming out, it'll be interesting if they do continue the series without Paul Walker, who died while going down the highway last year. I'm honestly debating on whether I want to watch it or not, basically because it's has gotten to the point where you seen one, you've seen them all, {not that it's necessarily a bad thing} though on the same side of the coin, they have always been consistently entertaining in one way or another, and considering that the summer blockbuster season is not for another couple of months, I guess it's a good way to kill the time watching meatheads drive fast and things explode.

6. Going back to the first topic for a bit, Charlotte Dunois is the best girl, that is all.

7. I've been thinking about going on a summer vacation for a while now, and I've narrowed it down to 3 places, Chicago, Toronto or the Smoky Mountians in Tennessee. I know what I'm getting in Chicago and a little bit of Toronto {got to get my passport ready if I go there.} but not much from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee/North Carolina. If anyone has been down there, I would honestly like to know what's it's like down there. I've always been more interested in big cities, but I suppose something closer to nature wouldn't be so bad.

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