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In this post, I'll be covering the strengths and weaknesses of the teams of the AFC West and South and give out their W-L record, as usual.

AFC West:

1. Denver Broncos

Strength: Peyton Manning and their offense, full stop. This was a record setting offense last year that lit up every scoreboard that they went to {except the Super Bowl} and I don't see any major drop-off from that this year. Manning still has full control of the offense as usual, and as long as he's in command, they are the team to beat not only in their division, but the conference and even the league itself. They may have lost the Super Bowl last year, but I have more faith in them coming back next year than I give Seattle, mostly due to Manning and their improved defense.

Weakness: Their defense even when fully healthy is still suspect at times, but not much of a hinderance. Instead, it's staying healthy, especially at key positions. This team is practically loaded in every major position, but there is a significant drop-off between the starters and back-ups, so it's imprudent that they stay on the field as much as possible and avoid missing much time.

Overall: If they can stay healthy, there is no reason why they can't challange San Francisco for the best record in the NFL, but even if they can't, they will win the division handily because I can't see anyone else deserving of the crown, but I'm sure that they're playing for much more than just a division title. 12-4


2. Kansas City Chiefs

Strength: They are a jack-of-all-trades kind of team, decent at everything but nothing overwheming. Alex Smith is a sutible enough starter and coach Andy Reid is one of the best tactians in the league today, {regular season at least} and since that they play in the weak AFC, that might be just enough to get them back to the playoffs again.

Weakness: They are far from impressive in any area, in a way, their strength may be their biggest weakness. They simply don't have the horses to pull away from anyone and that ended up biting them in the ass big-time against the Colts in the playoffs last year. They need to finish games and finish them in a convincing enough fashion if they want to take the next level.

Overall: They are overachievers to an extent, but they do have strong enough coaching and fundimentals to make the playoffs, though that may have to do with the conference they are in more so than anything else. 9-7


3. San Diego Chargers

Strength: Phillip Rivers is one of the better QBs in the league, but from time to time, we've seen him fall apart at the seems with bad decision making or simply bad luck in general. He's more or less the AFC equalivent of Jay Cutler or Tony Romo, {but with more playoff wins} he'll do enough to win games, but he can also blow them as well, just not as often as those two I'd mentioned earlier, and having good WRs helps his case.

Weakness: Quite simply, it's a matter of trust. Some games, they manage to show up and beat a superior opponent, and other times they fall flat on their face against bad competition. They are without a doubt the most schizophentic team in the league, losing to Washington and Houston at home, yet winning at Cincinnati and Denver on the road. Until they can manage to win against teams they should beat consistently, then all of their quality wins are nothing more than flukes.

Overall: They are allergic to consistency, and this is what ultimately dooms them in. There are plently of better teams, and when they decide to play all 16 games instead of picking and choosing when they want to show up, then they may join them. If not, then they don't deserve to be in the playoffs, period. 8-8


4. Oakland Raiders

Strength: Their run defense is one of the toughest in the league, and is obviously hard to run on against. This is a good thing, because I don't think that they have much else. Khilial Mack may be a force to be reckoned with soon, but there is going to be an adjustment period, as he won't be able to man-handle many NFL O-lines like he did against inferior competition in the MAC, not immediately at least.

Weakness: There is no direction on this team, plain and simple. Granted, they're better off now than they were under Al Davis' final years as owner, but they still have a long way to go before they can ever compete again. Some of the pieces are there, but without direction, they'll go nowhere fast.

Overall: I would like to think that they are improved, but it's hard to see any serious improvment coming from them. Until they can get it together, the basement is where they will be spending again, and considering that they are playing in a crappy stadium, it won't be long before they'll leave Oakland for greener pastures. 5-11.


AFC South:


1. Indianapolis Colts

Strength: Andrew Luck, hands down. If he isn't the best QB in the league now, he'll be one very soon, and I dare say that he's been underrated so far. It's almost criminal that this man hasn't had a ROY trophy for posting huge numbers with a roster that isn't really that special at all, and having led the second-largest comeback in NFL playoff history last year. Luckily, {no pun intended} he takes it all in stride and doesn't worry about all that, but still.

Weakness: If you look at the roster besides Luck, they are arguablely one of the worst out there, but is getting much better. That said, the O-line is pretty leaky in pass protection and tends to give up a lot of sacks, and that kind of punishment adds up over time. If they want to go back to being an elite team again, they need to shore up that O-line soon.

Overall: They have gotten a lot of scalps of elite teams last year, including the two Super Bowl teams, so they can beat anyone, anytime. It also helps that they play in a very weak division with no real threat to their dominance, and I don't see that changing this time. 11-5


2. Houston Texans

Strength: You might want to buckle your chinstraps tight when going up against their fantastic D-Line with J.J. Watt and Jadaveon Clowney at the helm. They will make a lot of QBs lives a living hell on the field and they can also disrupt the running game as well given the chance. If one is able to get past that wall however, then the holes will begin to show up, but good luck with that.

Weakness: Their psyche was cracking when they got thumped by the Patriots 2 years ago in a Monday Night game, and completely shattered when they went on a losing streak that they couldn't get out of. I know I use this often, but they are the Shinji Ikari of NFL teams, it doesn't take much for them to break under the pressure, and until they can get out of their misery, then they will continue to be next year's team and waste what's left of Andre Johnson's career there, baka Houston. 8-8


3. Tennessee Titans {Eren Yeager's favorite team}

Strength: Ummm... I really have a hard time finding something, but if I had to pick one, I guess it would be the recievers on the offense with Hunter, Walker and Britt on that team.

Weakness: How in God's name is Jake Locker still a QB in the NFL again? They drafted him 8th in the draft a few years ago despite having a shit career at Washington with more INTs than TDs with an abysmal Washington Huskies team. {they're somewhat better now} It's dumb shit like that that keeps them from getting where they want to go, and it seems like it's an epidemic with that team. If nothing else though, they are still better off than teams like the Raiders or Browns who seem to get in their own way, but that's like comparing life outside the walls compared to being right next to them on the inside.

Overall: Any idea what they are doing?, because I don't. No matter though, they still are a bad team in more ways than one. 4-12


4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Strength: Like the Titans, I can't really find anything worth of value on this team other than a few WRs. At this point, they're better off with starting Blake Bortles and see what he can do right now, and if he sucks, then give the job to Denard Robinson. {HERO OF MICHIGAN!!!} It's kind of sad that our friends across the pond are being exposed to this kind of dreak team when they have their annual London game.

Weakness: Can I say everything? They are literately putrid in almost every key position, it's embarssing to watch them stink it up every time they are on TV. Now I feel really sorry for those folks in Orlando who have to watch this crap as well.

Overall: This is a pretty bad team we're dealing with here, let's give them a 3-13 record and just move on, shall we?


In the next post, I'll be covering the AFC East and North, hooray!

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