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NFL Predictions 2015 part 2.

2015-09-09 23:59:21 by orangebomb

In my last post, I covered the NFC, now let's discuss the AFC, the one that matters more. {at least where I live}

AFC East

1. New England Patriots. Coming off a championship and having Brady back from the mess that was Deflategate. {I would prefer that we never discuss this again, but I doubt it.} The last thing that the rest of the league needed was this team finding any sort of motivation, and they got it now. Their division may have improved overall, but this is essentially the Patriots' division to own and everyone else is playing for second as long as Brady, Gronk and company are around. 13-3

2. Miami Dolphins. The Pats may own this division, but the Dolphins aren't going to say uncle this time. This is the time for them to bust out and get into the playoffs after constant near-misses the last 3 years or so, and they have the talent to do some damage in the playoffs, if only they can just get there. With Ryan Tannehill at the helm and Suh and Cameron Wake at the helm, this is now gut-check time for the 'fins, and this time, they get in. 10-6

3. Buffalo Bills. If nothing else, they now have a new attitude after spending decades of wallowing in their own inferiority under Rex Ryan. Their defense is going to be beastly, and they have enough offensive weaponry to put a scare on the good teams, but with no capable QB at the helm, don't expect them to make a serious playoff push just yet. 8-8

4. New York Jets. Good News, they got Revis back and bolstered up their secondary, bad news is that they can't seem to get out of their own way when it comes to retarded incidents that invite facepalms the world over. I don't know if Geno Smith is your future at QB, but he's still better than what they got, but as long as they allow someone to slug your leader on the team and break their jaw, they'll be in the basement and not get out. 4-12


AFC North

1. Baltimore Ravens. They might as well be the NFL's version of the Walking Dead. Even when they lose key pieces on their roster, they still keep coming back over and over and will having something to say before the season's over. Joe Flacco might just be the most erratic QB in the league, and considering that this division is loaded with erratic QB play, that's saying something. That said however, they seem to have a knack for winning the division, and until someone can overthrow them, they'll be in the playoff hunt with a home game in their pocket. 11-5

2. Cincinnati Bengals. Never has a team been so much of an enigma, it's hard to truly understand what they can be capable of. Arguably, this team is way too talented not to go deep and challenge for a SB berth every year, but whether its' decades of snakebites, or moments of idiocy at the worst times, they can't seem to get past that glass celing. I'm not worried about the regular season, they'll be just fine there, it's the postseason that they are worried about, and frankly, it's high time that they started delivering. 10-6

3. Pittsburgh Steelers. When you think Steeler football, you don't really think of explosive offense, and yet they might have one of the most powerful offensives in the league today. The defense however, well... let's just say that they aren't reminding anyone of the mid-70's Steelers anytime soon, and I feel like that will be their downfall. For all of the accolades that Rothlisberger has, it's not a wise move to entirely rest the Steelers' hopes on him, and no amount of spin or past history is going to change that... unless he goes Super Saiyan. 9-7

4. Cleveland Browns. You can make a good argument for one of the three above teams to win the division, but the one constant is that the Browns will end up finishing in last place. For the life of me, I can't quite understand why they can't just tank instead of constantly overachieving and getting draft picks that they either trash after 2 years or so, or let go to waste because of how bad they are. I kind of feel bad for Joe Haden and Thomas for being stuck on a bad team like this, but them's the breaks I suppose, and Johnny Manziel being driven into the ground by himself and the team can't help. Like the 'Skins, they need a serious fumigation...again. 5-11


AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts. At one time, there were a segment of people who thought that RG3 was more worthy of the first pick of the 2012 draft over Andrew Luck, and they were pretty fucking stupid to honestly think that in hindsight. It's nice to see that Luck has now gotten the respect that he deserves from the media and critics, and they have an oppoturninty to cash in on that. With the additions of Frank Gore and Andre Johnson on offense, they will give this team a serious experience boost to a realitively young team, though that defense, as usual, seems to be the Achillies' heel. If Luck can overcome the leaky defense, the sky's the limit. 12-4

2. Houston Texans. It begins and ends with JJ Watt, the best defensive player in the league. As long as he's on that team, they will be in the playoff chase, however, their lack of a QB maybe what holds them back for being a serious contender for the crown. Jadeavon Clowney should be back and give that D-line a massive boost in effectiveness, so they will be in almost every game, now if they can score points, then maybe we got something worth checking out, but until then, they'll be fighting for the wildcard, if that. 9-7

3. Jacksonville Jaguars. Uh... I can't exactly put my finger on this team except for the fact that this team is going to be bad. We don't know if Blake Bortles will be a good QB or even a capable QB, but if he does, then they really might have something to build on. If not, they can always go to Denard Robinson at the helm, if he's still on the team. Considering that D-Rob has been known for being good in the clutch, it couldn't hurt to try him out if Bortles stinks it up, dare I say a potential Tebow situation going down in Jacksonville? We shall see. 4-12

4. Tennessee Titans. Oh boy, this team is a giant hole and won't be getting out of there for a bit it seems. Marcus Mariota is a nice guy and a capable player, but he will take his lumps here and this will not be pretty when the Titans get their asses handed to them week in and week out this season. Everyone who aren't named Eren Yeager or Houston, Texas will probably feel sorry for this guys, and they might use that to their advantage... or not. 3-13


AFC West

1. Denver Broncos. In Peyton we trust. It's not too often that we get to see a true master at QB do what he does best, so when we do see him play, we really should treasure it, and I'm sure that Broncos' fans will attest to that. This might just be the swan song for these Broncos as Peyton Manning is 39 years old, and they are already starting to show some cracks. Time will tell if they can hold on long enough to finish what they started 4 years ago when they got Peyton, becuase this might be the last chance that both of them have to win a SB. 10-6

2. Kansas City Chiefs. Like the Bengals, they are an enigma yet to be fully figured out, but there are some things that hold true with them. They have an elite coach in Andy Reid, a beast of a RB in Jamall Charles and no WR scored a touchdown on that team last year. They seem to have all of the tools to compete week in and week out, and Arrowhead is just as loud and intimidating as it always has been, but will it truly be enough? 9-7

3. San Diego Chargers. Ugh. Disappointment thy name is San Diego, but you wouldn't know it considering how they seem to get up against playing elite teams in the league only to fall flat against the lower teams. Kind of makes me wonder why the fans can keep stomaching their total incosistency like that, especially when they have the talent to go far, but always seem to come up short when it matters most. Hey, there's always L.A. though, and the name Los Angeles Chargers sounds cooler. 8-8

4. Oakland Raiders. Well, they are a dumpster fire of a team, but the good news is that they're trying to do something about it for once. With Derek Carr at the helm, Amari Cooper at WR and Khilil Mack at LB, they do have the potential to have a bright future coming their way, or at least get them out of the muck long enough to get out of the dump that is the Oakland Coliseum {or whatever they're calling it now} and move back to Ingelwood. After all, the Los Angeles Raiders sounds so much more badass, and you know that Ice Cube will say it's a good day once they come back. Either way, they need to be good again, the NFL is better when the Raiders are competitive. 4-12

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