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Moar Ranting

2 weeks ago by orangebomb

Checking my list of things to rant on that involve everything to the latest sporting event to overhyped anime, to putting Internet Tough Guys on blast, looks like I might be doing this again, so prepare for rustled jimmies, grinding gears and other such whimsical annoyances that make you stop and think, or maybe not, I don't care.

1.} Anime/Manga

Is it possible to be in love with an anime that doesn't contain moe slice-of-life fanservice with constant lesbian/bi/incest subtext nowadays? {not that I don't mind most of them, as they are enjoyable to an extent when done properly} The answer is yes, and the main example I present is called Attack on Titan. Part zombie apocolypse story, part Berserk/NGE {without the mindfuck and grimdarkness} part shonen being easily mistaken for seinen, it's hard not to get hooked to this. While Eren is your standard shonen protaganist where his determination offsets his decision-making, just about everyone else is fantastic in their characterization, from Mikasa's quiet determination to protect Eren from.... everything it seems, to the lovable coward genious in Armin Arlert, to even the hot-ass Annie Leonhart.

Spoiler alert...

Is it weird for me to say that Annie's Titan form is actually sexy? My god, the pervert in me is seeping in for thinking that, though she does have a nice ass.

Oh, and before I forget, the 2 openings of the anime are probably some of the most hot-blooded theme songs this side of Gurren Laggan, and the noticable German makes it all the more exhilrathing to listen to, it almost makes you want to put on the 3D manevouring device and go slay some Titans yourself, though I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Stop whatever it is that you're doing, and get the manga/watch the anime, you will not be disappointed.

Next on the list is an anime that got a shitload of hype for being a prodigical child of Gurren Laggan, Puella Magi and that one anime that I refuse to mention by name, Kill la Kill. Obviously with the hype and the percieved concept that it got, I dove in to see if it is a masterpiece or complete waste of time, and while I've only seen about 4 epsiodes so far, it's really....neither. I won't get into much detail at this time, but it looks like it's the kind of show that the high-energy action and suspension of disbelief will replace the storytelling and actual characterization, {Guilty Crown, I'm looking at you} and with that, you need to be careful when going with a premise like this, as it's a minefield to cross when you make something as ballsy as this, though considering that the creators were formerly with Gainax, I'm sure that they're used to this by now. Somehow, this anime will either rock my socks or turn into an overhyped POS that is popular for all the wrong reasons, so I will stay tuned.

Finally, I really need to get this off my chest. Infinite Stratos might be one of the worst attempts of trying to create a show with crossover appeal that I've ever seen, much less a harem lead that makes Shinji Ikari seem like Hugh Hefner and Kenshiro by comparison in Ichika. Makes me wonder how in the hell could anyone screw up a mecha show with hot {but most dumbass} pilots and a harem lead, but IS found a way to do just that. Honestly, the only reason why I watch this show is because of Charlotte Dunios, the only character that actually has any depth or brains in that series. It just makes me want to take Charlotte home with me and.....

Kallen: And what are you going to do with Charlotte?

Me: *gulp*.....give her a nice dinner and....let her find someone that actually recognizes her in a harem?

Kallen:..... All right then, I don't seen any harm in that. But you need to keep those hands to yourself, you got that?

Me: Whew, that was close.

How did that happen? Let's move on, shall we? *sweat drop*

2.} Sports

I see that the Philadelphia 76ers are in a bit of a losing streak, losing 26 in a row, tying a record with the Cleveland Cavilers, not something that any team wants to associate themseleves with. Is it possible that they will lose the rest of the way, but not get the worst record in the NBA overall? Not even the '73 Sixers or the Bobcats of a few years ago were this bad to literately get ramrodded this many times in a row, though you can't say that they didn't deserve most of this when they lucked their way against the Bulls in the playoffs a few years back, and then give a shitload of money to Andrew Bynum to sit on his ass with his shot knees and egerious hair-doos, and basically gutting a roster that had nothing to begin with aside from Carter-Williams.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have the Big Ten {or B1G Ten, trying that stupid leet spelling} basketball master race in the Elite 8, and while Wisconsin will do what they do best, choke. {or maybe not for once} the two teams in Michigan will compete for bids to get to the Final Four, and hopefully represent 3 of the 4 slots in the FF, with a chance to win it all, and make the master race of collegiete conference basketball proud. {...Go Blue...}

Oh, and the World Cup is coming, and my interest will fade as soon as the U.S. is eliminated by either a third-world country or a superpower that is lightyears away in terms of talent and ability.

Ohh, look at the time. With this, I consider this rant to be over. Goodbye, and Good luck.


As of today's disappointment of the Big Ten in the Elite 8, Both Michigan State now, and Wisconsin in the next game has shamed their entire region and conference by losing before the championship game, offically ruining my bracket as well. For Shame!

Random bystander: But what about Michigan's loss to Kentucky? Are you not ashmed of them?

Me: I'm disappointed, but it's no shame losing to Kentucky in basketball. {in football that a different story, but I'm sure that won't happen anytime soon} A rather lucky shot, I must say, but predictable as the curse of Chris Webber still haunts us today. First, in calling a Time-out when there was none to snatch defeat from victory, second, jinxing us in last year's championship game of our rightful title, and third, appearing in the bad Burger King commerical in a suspiously similar uniform, but without the name on the front.

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