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Orginally, I wanted to include this into my previous anime rant, but I didn't have the space to do so effectively without turning it into a massive wall of text that would be too painful to read. Anyway, here are my thoughts on Kill La Kill, another anime that sent the anime afiaciandos abuzz along with Attack on Titan, {yay for aliteration} and from what I've been hearing on the grapevine, it was supposed to be another "slump-buster" for the anime industry, at least in the West.

Well.... That's not necessarily the case with KLK. First off, to say that a show like KLK is a savior for an industry that really isn't hurting that badly overall is a bit pretentious and are simply missing the forest from the trees. Secondly, anime in the west may be in a slump from what it was in 2007, but that didn't mean it was going away, not by a long shot, it's just that a lot of anime compaines that weren't Funimation or Viz Media went under and either disappeared completely or were re-form into another company, {Sentai Filmworks is an example} and considering that dubbing anime is expensive to do, they are simply more selective on which ones they will dub based on either general popularity {AOT} or percieved popularity from a segment of the fanbase, who are known for spending a lot of money on anime-related goodies. {Infinite Stratos, High School DxD} Finally, this show is basically about as generic as any high energy shonen can be, which is not a surprise considering that Studio Trigger was the minds behind Gurren Laggan, but that doesn't make it a bad thing at all.

Let's explain that point. KLK is hardly an orginial plot with hardly orginial characters, the only real difference is that the main character is a female {Ryuuko Matoi} in a genre that is obviously male-dominated leadwise. That said, that's not a bad thing, and if anything, actually makes it great because it's not trying to be something that it isn't, though some of the fans are going to say otherwise. Basically, this is a generic shonen fighting series with a storyline that is standard fare with most others like it and the characterization for the most part take a back-seat to action and the heavy fanservice involved. I guess you can say that this anime is more style than substance, more sugar than meat and so on.

The plot involves Ryuuko Matoi traveling from place to place looking for the truth behind her father's death, which leads her to Honnouji Academy, where elite students are given powers by their uniforms, {Goku Uniforms} ruled by Satsuki Kiryuin. Pretty much there we can stop making serious sense of the story and go into wild guessing at this point, considering that the people who made this came from Studio Gainax, who are known for their nonsensical logic and most middling quality when it comes to plot design, which is always has been an Achilles heel for them, and it seems like Trigger is carrying it with them. Luckily, this is the kind of series that is mostly straightforward and doesn't need to go into deeper detail than what's already necesscary, though the fanbase is going to find something that is either irrelevent or trivial and make it out to be something it's not, which is mildly humorous at best, and annoying at worst. It also doesn't help {or maybe it does} that the mood of these series changes rapidly, cutting it rather close to entering narm territory if it was taken with any degree of seriousness.

Characters are probably the weakest part of the story by far, but there are a few reedemable spots. Ryuuko is the action-girl tomboy who never wavers from a challenge, {considering the VA is, Ami Koshimizu, it isn't a surprise} Satsuki is the hardline ruler who uses her henchmen to do her dirty work for her, Mako is the comic relief character that is funny for the first quarter of the series, but does quickly get annoying, and Nonon, who is well... Nonon. Unfortunetly, these characters don't get a lot of character growth beyond a few points in the story, which feels kind of lacking, but at the very least, they're developed enough to prevent them from being completely dull. Right next to the characters is the art, which like shoddy writing is a Gainax trademark, but more than make up for it with technique and creativity, albeit sketchy.

The strongest part by far is the sound, particularly the OSTs and VAs. Considering who was in charge of the soundtrack, it was no shock to see that the music was top-notch and very bombastic, and the VA is mostly spot-on, especially with Ryuuko, Koshimizu-san sure is fond of voicing anime action girls from Kallen-Sama, to Anomome in Eureka Seven and others. Other noticable VAs are Toshihiko Seki for Senketsu, {the talking uniform, make of that what you will} Mayumi Shintani for Nonon and Tetsu Inada for Ira, which probably means that the English VAs have a pretty high bar to reach if {or when} the anime gets dubbed.

Overall, this is not a game-changing anime in the slightest, and aside from the over-the-top action and female lead in a shonen, there is nothing really special about it at all. But that doesn't mean that it wasn't entertaining or enjoyable {once you get past the mood whiplash and plot holes} in any way, it's just not what some people are hyping up to be, and a lot of the praise comes from the fact that it's something it's not rather than it's own merits, which I despise. Judge the anime for what it is, and not what it isn't.

I'll give Kill La Kill a 7 out of 10.


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